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Review of ICDsoft.com webhosting Package and service
Written by Michael Gersitz

Whenever searching for a webhost, most webmasters immediately look at the price. While novice webmasters look at the extras, i.e. bandwidth, php and MYSQL compatibilities, and space. ICDsoft has all of those extras plus superior customer service.

"While with the ICDsoft family, I only needed help with a couple things. One of them was when I was trying to debug a Perl script that I recently added to my site. Not only was there a response in under 5 minutes, they successfully debugged the script and showed me the lines that the errors were on."

ICDsoft has a reasonable price of only $5 USD per month for there service. They make you pay for the whole year, which saves you the aggravation of renewing your hosting package every month.

Your control panel comes standard with many functions and options, including several easy to install scripts such as the guestbook and a search engine. The file manager is easy to control and has the ability to upload multiple files at once.

ICDsoft also gives existing members a deal on their nest purchase. Instead of $5 USD for a year, they give you a discount that brings the price of the package down to $4.11 a month.

Their site is completely professional and even allows you to view the history of the company. However, they should have used a simple spell checker on the about page. They use the phrase "highly-qualified", which should read "highly qualified". Also on there support page, I was able to obtain another grammatically incorrect sentence, "If you open up a tech support ticket - not only will you be guaranteed a Same Day Response, but within 24 hours, a Supervisor will review your ticket to check if everything was resolved to your satisfaction." [Notice the "but"]

I am not going to say that ICDsoft is a bad web host for 3 grammatically incorrect errors, because all sites have errors. The difference between their site and other hosting companies is that they provide superior web hosting. I am not saying they are the best, but they rank among the best in my book.

~ ICDsoft.com

July 8th, 2003