Benefits of Getting Listed in a Business Directory

A business directory is just a list of businesses with all their information containing addresses, websites, contacts, products and services. They have been in existence for a long time. In today’s internet savvy world, business directories have changed from the traditional the Yellow Pages to online directories. There are many advantages a business can enjoy from getting showed in a business directory. Some of these benefits are discussed bellow.

Worldwide exposure

Any business that gets listed in a business directory gets an almost instant exposure to promising clients worldwide. The internet has helped us make it possible for people to transact business all over the world in real-time without difficulty. People are always looking for solutions to their problems from computers and phones from any part of the world where there is internet connectivity. They will always search for business directories to find companies dealing in products and services they want. Listing in a business directory means your company/business can be seen for these people.

Makes advertising cheap

The today’s world biggest medium for advertising is internet. It gives us very flexible opportunities to suit the needs of each individual business.  Listing a business in a directory means taking advantage of many of these opening. It is very expensive to advertise in the traditional media such as TV, radio and print. You pay immense sums of money for a few hours of radio and TV advertisements, and newspaper impressions. After the ads stop, may be no one knows you anymore. But listing in a business directory is lasting until you decide to take your business off. Most business directories are free of cost and those that are paid are really affordable.


You can always change the information you given about your business in a business directory at anytime. That means when you have a new product, you can just include it to the existing ones and if a product or service is no longer available, you can remove it. This is not possible with print where information once printed is permanent.

Search Engine Optimization

This refers to how fast your company can be found when people make searches with keywords related to your business. There are different ways by which listing in a business directory optimizes your search engine ranking.

  • The directories themselves submit businesses and showed them to search engine operators. They also show you various ways of optimizing your website through entering keywords and other SEO techniques.
  • The chances of doing well in search engines improve when you have a lot of in-bound links to your website. Listing in business directories is one way of making in-bound links.
  • The performance of your website depends also on the traffic it receives. Listing in a business directory is one way of establishing constant traffic to your site.

Improved sales

The more people search on your website and visit it, the more sales you make. It has been proven that constant traffic helps us to build into higher sales. It is estimated that about 55% of traffic is converted into real sales. That is a great boost a business cannot afford to ignore.

Listing in business directory is not only the facts you should look into. The major factor is that to choose the right php directory script. It is not at all an easy task. You should do some research on the business directory script.

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