Ravox- A Facebook App to Grow Business Through Social Channels

Every person opens up a store or a product aiming to get the best sales and thus promoting their business to greater heights. However, all these do not happen overnight. One has to carefully analyze how to market their product to the right audience with the right kind of marketing so that effective sales happen and thus business flourish. Social networking sites are the best platforms for effective marketing these days. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all great platforms for marketing one’s business.

Having a Facebook fan page store is a great and effective tool in the marketing business. The number of fans on your page, the more chances of spreading your product and thus the higher the chance of purchase. Ravox is a unique social storefront that gives small businesses the opportunity to reach great audiences. There are many ways in which Ravox comes to aid in promoting small business.

The first and most simple of all steps in creating a facebook business fan page store. Another method is with the help of facebook e-commerce app, such as Ravox, which helps in adding products to the Ravox marketplace and thus promoting business. Also, a Facebook user could sign up as a social affiliate and promote products to their friends and followers. Through this method, the social affiliates earn about 7% commission per sale. When it comes to expanding into social commerce, many eCommerce site owners want more freedom and options and Ravox goes beyond in fulfilling their dreams. They incorporate site features that are significant to the site owners like the facebook eCommerce, which helps them to expand and grow. By using the social power of a shopping cart, networkers and marketplace, marketing could be made in the most effective manner.

The work of a marketing place like Ravox is simple to understand. With the help of the Facebook fan store page, the owner publishes his products and he gets it reached to his friends and fans and also adds the products to the market place. This marketplace that is Ravox, functions in two ways to promote the product. One is it helps in reaching out more to our friends and family and secondly chooses affiliate market products and promotes through them thus helping to reach a wider audience like affiliate friends and friends of friends. When the circle expands, the chances of getting recognized are more and thus the growth of the business also increases. In this manner, the possibility of getting the business expanded is more and thus the chances of establishing at a faster rate are high.

Having to choose a marketplace is one best option as it helps in getting to wider audience at a faster pace rather than one trying to promote one’s product all alone. Time is Money and hence, one has to wisely choose how to promote and market the products and choose the right platform at the right time.

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