Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

Ever since the advent of online trading and exchange, web designing and web development have gained widespread popularity. It became one among the building blocks of online business success. Though there is a clear distinction between web designing and web development, with the advancement in technology there could be a number of crossovers between the two. Earlier it was just that people used the terms interchangeably, but now there are things in common between the two.

In simpler terms, the disparity between web design and web development can be stated as web design deals with the front-end of the website and web development work on the back end functionalities of the website. It is significant that whichever technology used for designing the website should be attuned with the site development technology so that all functionalities can be incorporated.

Web designing, in brief, involves designing the layout of a website using graphical elements and other technologies. Graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia and Corel Draw etc are used for creating the website design or layout. The client requirements are properly analyzed before any website is put through for design phase. The resulting outlook will not have embedded code which will establish the required functionalities of the website. It’s like the building bricks just being aligned without having the bonding in between them. This graphical representation is then used by the base for coding by the web development team. It could be the same team handling both web development and design. The graphical frame will include portions where coding is required to implement the functionalities as well as purely graphical areas which can be left out.

The web development part should make sure that the development and coding of all server-side applications, database design and complex transactions are all done in a sensible manner while being competent in code and highly attuned. It is the web development phase which enables the website to perform as per the client necessities. Though the development activities are not noticeable to the end-user, they will experience it while browsing the website. An optimized website offers smooth loading and transition from one page to another and all the links active.

A professional web development team can make the website function fast and proficiently with good constancy. It is found to be far more efficient when the design and development are carried out by the same time. The advantages of having both parties involved together will add to the website’s aesthetic look and feel. Before outsourcing the web design and development job to an offshore service provider, it’s quite important to understand if they offer both design and development as in the market web design is the term covering both the design and development of a website.

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