Factors to Consider While Choosing a Backup Service

One of the most important considerations when choosing remote backup is security. To ensure that your data is safe and secure, you want to be certain the online storage service offers the use of encryption and password protection. This way, only someone with your password is able to access your data. Not even the remote backup service provider themselves can access your information when your data is encrypted, so be sure this type of system is offered.

Most remote backup service providers offer quite a bit of free storage that is generally acceptable for individual users and small businesses. If you require a lot of storage space then you need to be sure that the company you choose offers the amount of space you need and at a good price per month. Some affordable online storage companies offer unlimited backup space for just a few pounds per month.

An important thing to ask any online storage company is how long they keep the archives. If it is important for you to have access to your data two years from now, then you must be sure that extended storage time is offered and at what price. You also want to be sure that you can easily and securely access your archived files from any computer at any time you wish.

Support is a key issue when choosing a remote backup service. If you need to contact the server support provider with questions, you want to be certain that there is an emergency user support system in place. Inquire as to what the turnaround time is for email inquiries, the wait time for phone support and whether or not the online storage company forces you to fill in a time-consuming report when seeking help. The best company offers 24/7 support both via email and telephone and will clearly state how long it takes them to respond to a query.


As you can see, choosing a backup system requires some forethought, research, and planning. It pays to do your homework when you’re investing in something that could essentially make or break your business in the event of a catastrophe. Cost should always be a big consideration but think of this as an investment in the stability as well as the security of your business. Done right, you could even use your data backup systems as a selling point to potential customers, featuring your backup system as a top-selling point! This is one of the instances which results in bad publicity. Losing a large amount of customer data due to a faulty (or non-existent) backup system can not only be embarrassing but costly to recover from. Keep these tools in mind as you continue to modify and strengthen your small business systems.

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