Features of an Online Design Printing Software

An Online Design Printing Software is ready to operate software i.e., it is software for building a website for designing and printing instantly on T-shirts, teacups, bags, caps, water bottles, etc. This software lets your customers experiment with their own ideas and set up their own designed accessories. Also, they can visually see how their design looks like. There are inbuilt themes in this software and also have an additional option to customize these themes and design, change the font, font size, font color and print their own text. So the interface makes it quite simpler for the clients to choose or pick the design they prefer or customize it according to their taste. Once the T-shirt is completely designed, they can go ahead placing the order and print it. Online design printing software supports popular multiple payment gateways.

For a T-shirt company, such software is a necessity as this is a complete system where customers can design their own product, if it is a T-shirt, cap, bag, mug, etc. Customers have an additional feature that is they can choose from a wide range of templates add graphics and text back or front side.  Since it is an open-source code, you can customize the site to meet your requirements. These factors make your site look exceptionally different with an endless option of customization.
Online Design Printing Software has a large number of features for making it extraordinarily attractive and user-friendly. Following are the features of this software:

Open source script – One of the most important features is that this software has an open-source code so according to the client’s requirements the site can be modified.
Value-added features – There are in-built multiple themes and style sheets so you can change the outlook of your website, including additions features like templates, custom images, etc.
Drag and Drop feature – Text or graphics can be resized by the drag and drop feature.
Easy installation – Installation of this software is pretty simple, using an install wizard you can install this software. It can be up running if a few minutes and not a few days. Also hosting can be done on any hosting account, a dedicated server is not necessary. Maintenance is also quite simple.
AJAX-based User Interface – The user interface is AJAX-based. AJAX enables website applications to obtain information from the server simultaneously without affecting the characteristics of the existing page.
Easy to customize – Users can customize the site according to their preferences and specifications.
Integrated Payment gateways – Supports multiple payment gateways including Paypal. More the number of payment processors it is linked with, determine how good the software is.
Unlimited categories and products –Any number of products, fonts, clipart or categories can be included.

These are some of the most essential features of an online T-Shirt Design Software and this is applicable to all types of printing software. Since the expectations of a user are on the rise every day one needs to take care that the t-shirt printing software is updated with the latest technologies.

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