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Monetizing the Networks of Facebook Users?

Facebook is here to stay. When it started spreading across the world, many businesses looked on Facebook (and for that matter social media) as a threat to productivity. Employees were banned from using Facebook during office hours. A few years later, it is the businesses themselves that are signing up for Facebook.  The problem that most businesses with Facebook profiles are how to convert their networks into sales; in simple terms how to monetize their networks.

Advantages of Getting More Facebook Fans

Today if you take the number of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook will be on the top ranking. It is extensively used by people all around the world. Facebook is a social networking script i.e., it is an Internet-based web page where one can create their own profile describing themselves along with personal information and interests, you have features like chat, blog, send a personal message, add, photographs, videos, etc. Most of us spend the majority of our leisure time on such social networking communities like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc mainly to keep in touch with friends and family. Instead of just surfing through such sites have you ever thought of monetizing your fans or followers?