Polyester embroidery threads

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Why Polyester Embroidery Threads are Widely Used?

For embroidery designs, threads made of Polyester are commonly used in various industrial and home-based business firms. The embroidery Polyester threads are easily available in a wide range of colors and the main reason for the preference of Polyester threads to others is its high tensile strength, durability and even running on the sewing machine. The Polyester threads are used in all kind of embroidery works including clothing, bags, and curtains and so on. The Polyester threads are cheap and easy to work with to create complicated designs from the craftsmen. Polyester threads are much better when compared to other threads for there high performance in various applications. They are 1) Highly durable. 2) Resistant to chlorine and bleach. 3) Opposed to shrinkage and fading. 4) High absorbent. 5) Dyes easily. 6) Retains shape. 7) Recovers stretch. 8) Suitable for high-speed computerized embroidery machines The Polyester threads are usually made…