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Modern Way of Designing a T-Shirt

You might be having a good collection of T-Shirts but might have never given it a thought about how a T-Shirt is designed or how the printing process takes place. For most of them, T-Shirts are not only for covering up the body but it can be an affiliated group or advertisement purposes, etc. It is one of the best techniques for advertising political slogans, tourist destinations, artwork, sports, etc. During the olden days, the traditionally used technique for printing T-shirts was Screen printing and Heat transfer printing technology. Screen printing included solvent oil mixed with color, the stencil design is transferred to the fabric screen area. The next step is to place this screen on the T-Shirt to be printed. Paint is then poured onto the fabric screen. Applying more than one color might be time-consuming and costly but the quality of the print is worth it. Heat transfer…