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Introduction to Social Selling

The way people find information has now become a lot easier. Consumers no longer rely on referrals and expect advice in making decisions as to which product or service solves their problems in the best way. They will first do research and seek an opinion from real users of the products and services. Social media has offered various ways of finding vital information without reference to the seller or service provider.

How Facebook Helps Merchants for Social Commerce?

There is a new era in doing business especially online. This is called Social Commerce and Facebook is one of the main platforms for this way of doing business. There are almost 6 million people using Facebook which, for that same reason a big market opportunity has been developed for business. Many businesses are taking advantage of this market to increase traffic to their site and build up their sales. Here are some of the ways merchants are using Facebook for Social Commerce.

Latest Trends in Social Media Selling

Believe it or not, the social media has taken over the business arena. More and more people are using various social media platforms in their daily interactions and decisions are being influence by information gathered from places like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Businesses have started taking advantage of this to review and redirect their overall marketing strategies. The concept of social selling which is a way of entering into a discussion with the customer has taken over from the coercive marketing strategies that existed before. New trends have emergedĀ  in social media selling.