What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Content Management Software?

No longer do you have to sit and create a web page for each article or blog you want to upload in your website. There is no need to learn all the underlying coding principles and terminologies nor do you have to appoint a developer to design and develop a web page for you. To accomplish all this you need to lay your hands on a powerful content management system. For those of you who have not heard of CMS, well here is a small definition. A content management system or CMS is a web application that offers creation, modification and publishing of web pages or more specifically web content on the internet. The system provides a platform for crating a website and gives you options to compose and manage the content on the website where you want it to be seen by others. It helps to handle content workflow in a collaborated environment where you can perform several other web related tasks on your web page in addition to content publishing.

Today you have several open source CMS solutions available to choose from but it is important to choose wisely because if you by any chance buy a CMS solution that is complex to understand and use or if it does not provide the features that may be required by your website, then investing on that CMS system is akin to bring in more troubles for you. So how do you choose the perfect content management system for your website? Let us take a look into some tips to be followed for this selection:


This is perhaps the most important feature that should be present in the CMS solution you choose. The system should provide easy customization of the web page it develops so as to suite the needs of the website you actually need. It should offer multiple themes and layouts as well as creating a highly aesthetic and user friendly interface for visitors to use it.

Search engine Friendly Design:

Your main intention of setting up a website would be to bring it on top of the rankings of search engines like Google. For this your website should be properly optimized for search engines. The open-source CMS you choose should offer a website which has been coded and developed keeping in mind tight SEO norms that would help it to scale heights in ranking mechanisms on the internet.

Simple and Intuitive Administration Panel:

The CMS should offer a powerful yet simple interface for the website owner or administrator to update, modify and publish content in the website as easy as possible.

User Privileges:

The website developed by the open source CMS you choose should offer custom privileges to publish and modify contents on the web page. It should allow the page admin to set permissions for each level of users so that the web page is as user friendly as possible.

A content management system is essentially one of the most required tools in a modern day organization if they want to have a well scaled and streamline web based existence. The software offers an easy way for creating, updating and publishing content on the web.

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