Are free web hosting worthy for your website?

For your website to come online, you need to host it. There are many big companies offering website hosting services. Competition has led to the emergence of companies offering free web hosting. If you are looking for a good web hosting provider, the thought of having your website hosted for free should sound good to you. But, you should consider the real facts well before deciding whether free web hosting is the best option for your website.

Things to Take Care while choosing a back-up service

Online data back-up remote service is well understood from the name itself. Online backup service is almost similar to traditional back-up software. Any important data can be transmitted over Internet and securely store them on a server that is in a professional data centre instead of the usual CD’s, DVD’s, back-up tapes, etc. One of the important features of back-up service is that data is transferred over a networked connection to an ideal remote location. In the case of traditional back-up system one has to manually take the back-up media fully off-site. In online back-up system one does not have to keep changing tapes or CD’s or other manual steps, it is fully automated and has unlimited data retention. This software works continuously and whenever there is a change in the data it is updated automatically in the software. Below are listed some features of a good back-up service:

How to Chose the Best Server Backup Service?

Online backup services work much like traditional backup software. With an online backup service, however, your important data is transmitted over the Internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center instead of being stored on your own CDs, DVDs, or backup tapes. First off, online data backup is just as the name implies. Data is backed up over a networked connection (most likely using the TCP/IP standard protocol of the internet) to a remote location (ideally). Typical features 1) Encryption Data should be encrypted before it is sent across the internet, and it should be stored in its encrypted state. Encryption should be at least 256 bits, and the user should have the option of using his own encryption key, which should never be sent to the server. 2) Network backup A backup service supporting network backup can back up multiple computers , servers or Network…

Benefits and drawbacks of remote backup

Remote backup has advantages over traditional backup methods: * Perhaps the most important aspect of backing up is that backups are stored in a different location from the original data. Traditional backup requires manually taking the backup media offsite. * Remote backup does not require user intervention. The user does not have to change tapes, label CDs or perform other manual steps. * Unlimited data retention. * Backups are automatic. * The correct files are backed up. Ordinary backup software is often installed with a list of files to be backed up. This set of files usually represents the state of the system when the software was installed, and often misses critical files, like files that get added later. * Some remote backup services will work continuously, backing up files as they are changed. * Most remote backup services will maintain a list of versions of your files. * Most…

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Backup Service

One of the most important considerations when choosing remote backup is security. To ensure that your data is safe and secure, you want to be certain the online storage service offers the use of encryption and password protection. This way, only someone with your password is able to access your data. Not even the remote backup service provider themselves can access your information when your data is encrypted, so be sure this type of system is offered. Most remote backup service providers offer quite a bit of free storage that is generally acceptable for individual users and small businesses. If you require a lot of storage space then you need to be sure that the company you choose offers the amount of space you need and at a good price per month. Some affordable online storage companies offer unlimited backup space for just a few pounds per month. An important…