How Do You Select The Right Helpdesk Software For Your Business?

Why do you need a Helpdesk Software? – Is it for an Internet or intranet application? These are two common and rather important questions you need to ask yourself before go for the right helpdesk software for your business. The internet is a public domain and If your helpdesk software is geared more towards the internet and its communities, then you have to consider more customers and more issues that need to be solved. If it is an intranet application then it is mainly focused on a company. The general public and potential customers will not be given access to an intranet application due to the firewall security system
How many people will use the Helpdesk Software? – You will certainly need to figure out exactly what your customer base is and how many customers your helpdesk software needs to acknowledge. You can’t obtain software capable of handling 20 customers when you have over 50 requiring your assistance. It needs to be customizable as per your business’ needs and that of your customers.

Who are your potential customers? Are they internal or external? Before obtaining the right helpdesk software for your business, you need to find out the answers to these questions. If your customers are internal, then you have to customize the software so that it meets their personal needs. If they are external, or outside of the company you need to address them as such.

What are good ways to respond to customer enquiries? – Some of the best examples include phone live chat, self-service through KB, and desktop sharing etc. The company should come up with more than one way of dealing with customer enquiries. With phone live chat, the customer had the benefit of using the internet as a source of optimal communication. All they have to do is select the ‘live chat’ area on a website and IM or personally call a customer service representative. It is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to keep an open line of communication available. Another method is self-service through the Knowledge Base section, which allows the customers a chance to get answers to their questions. Basically, they can answer each other’s questions and you never need to be directly involved. The desktop sharing facility helps you to view exactly what your customer is having problems with. It gives your eyes into the problem and a quicker way towards a solution. That is undoubtedly a win-win scenario.

Who will respond to tickets? – Just you, others in the organization, and/or outsourced staff? Your business needs to decide on who will be replying to the customers in an efficient and timely basis. If you are responding to the help tickets, you should make sure that you maintain the organization. You should not forget an enquiry, or go too long without answering one. The helpdesk software will help you keep track of these things. If you want others in your organization to respond to the customer’s help tickets, just make sure they know how first. Consider an automated email system to help all parties respond instantly. That will definitely make it easier for you. If you decide to use outsourced staff outside your company, an automated email system might be the perfect choice for them to perform at their very best. For all businesses, Customers are so much important and if you want them to keep coming back, you have to build their trust. Helpdesk software just does that.

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