How to Get Revenue From an Image Hosting Business?

An image hosting website gives people the offers to upload and share images with their friends, family and their associates. It offers the opportunity to modify the photos and organize them in different ways like albums and slide shows to enable easy access and viewing. It is a smart way of keeping contact with family and friends. The required thing for the individual to sign up to the image hosting website with an ID and a password. He/she is then allowed to upload photos to share.

Image hosting could be a good business. All you have to do is to set up an image hosting website and connect people to sign up for it. Most image hosting websites are free for individuals. The question then is how image hosting businesses generate income from operating free services. There are many ways of making money from an image hosting website.


This is the common way of generating revenue from any website. You can also give permission to other businesses to advertise on your website for a fee. Some of these adverts may be in the form of banners and links. Some of the products that could be advertised on an image hosting website are digital cameras, and cell phones.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another important way of making money through the internet. In affiliate marketing, a website referred to as an affiliate helps another website to sell services and products. The affiliate is given a share of the profit for all successful transactions. There are various types of affiliate marketing: pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click. An image hosting website can easily become a good affiliate because of the high level of traffic that goes to it.

Google AdSense

This is the most attractive system from Google that allows the popular search engine to display advertisements on a website. Google then pays various sums of money when people click on those ad links. There are a lot of websites that make large amounts of money through Google AdSense. You only have to obey the rule of not clicking on any Google ad on your own website. Once you accumulate income of about $100, you will be getting paid through the payment method you have chosen.

Stock Photography sites

One of the simple ways of making money from an image hosting website is to sign an agreement with stock photography sites. You can then let professional and amateur photographers sell their photos through your website. You can acknowledge a share of the commission when sales are made.

Value-added services

Mainly image hosting services are generally free,  but there are paid options also for businesses. You can take benefits of eBay sellers who upload constantly upload photos of items they sell. To get people’s attention you may have to offer reduced rates.

In order to make enough income from your image hosting business, you will need to do the basics of internet business. You must first draw users to your site. That means using all the available traffic generating techniques including SEO, SEM, and link building. The only way any business can make money on the internet is to increase the amount of traffic on a daily basis.

To create an image hosting website it is better to install a PHP image hosting script rather than developing with the help of a programmer. You can save a lot of time while installing this photo gallery software other than doing it with the programmer. You can have any customization if needed.

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