Hubpages Scores and SEO

Any person working with SEO understands the importance of backlinks.  In order to create these backlinks, many people turn to HubPages, a highly successful article site which allows users to generate content about any topic.  However, this is unlike many other article databases that allow mediocre, promotional, or underdeveloped pieces. Hubpages encourages good content and maximum interaction by creating scores that turn your links do-follow or do not follow.  Therefore, you must interact with the site and post good content in order for your work to matter.

What does your Hubscore need to be and how can you increase it?
Your personal Hubscore needs to remain at or over 75.  That means the number on your picture needs to be at least 75.  This score reflects the average score of your hubs and also your level of interaction.  By writing many posts of high quality, writing insightful comments, voting in polls, and answering questions you can increase your hubscore.

You must also keep the individual score of each of your Hubs above 50 in order for your links to do-follow.  This score reflects content and quality.

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