New Release of Autohoster 2.3!, the source for affordable business software, has just released a new version of Autohoster, the web hosting software.  Version 2.3 is now better than ever with enhancements and new features.  Here is a sampling of some of the highlights of the new software!

New Templates- Now customization is even easier!  We have added even more new, beautiful templates for the user and admin to choose from.  The look and feel of a site are important, and we want to make sure there are options available for everyone!

Integrated Account Management- Using Plesk or C-Panel APIs, users can manage accounts and hosting details without the help of the administrator. This makes the admin’s job much easier because the intervention is not needed on a regular basis.  It also satisfies the user because he or she can do more on his or her own.

Customizable Help Files- You can now customize the help files to meet the needs of your individual site.  Enter your own FAQs, add tips that are useful to your target audience, and insert your site name to make the files more personal.

Revamped User Flow- While version 2.2 might have been an incredibly user-friendly software, version 2.3 is even better! The flow has been streamlined to make the process even easier for inexperienced users.

As always the software is 100% open-source, allowing customization of any aspect.  The iScripts team is happy to announce this software.

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