An Effective Tool For Ad Management and Reporting

Every product in the market whether it’s cheap or costly requires extensive advertisement for its success. Business groups spend millions for their advertisements shows the promotional success of advertisements. Advertisement is seen as medium of mass communication, to give information of the product, gain attraction and create awareness and last but not the least to exploit the customers mind set to shop your product. As online marketing gained strength, posting ads on the websites became another successful means of spreading word about your product. The competitions pave way to Ad management systems developed by various organizations and available as an online tool or an application to download.

There are several hundred of ad managements systems available in the market. They help you to identify websites where you can post ads about your product. The website would have potential customers visiting it on a day to day basis and the chances of your ad catching their eyes are high. Several groups have evolved who offer ad management systems which include creation of ads, designing and adding required graphics or other technologies, find suitable websites to post the ad, post them, monitor the hit rates, create impressions for your product website in the ad and so forth.
Adsor is one of the finest tools that can be used for online advertisement postings. They offer wide range of features which will enhance your product promotion rate.

 Dash Board: The feature enables you to have a quick status check on your ads. It shows how the sites where you have your ads posted are performing. The status would depict the number of active websites out of the allowed ones, number of impressions delivered and a comparison of the previous months data is also included. Also the status of number of clicks is also included. The details will help you better manage your ad posting to different websites based on their hit rates and thereby achieve a higher promotion rate.

 Ad Spots: The “spots” or space where you are placing your ad is known as ad spots. The Ad Spots interface provided by the Adsor ad management system is a simple way for you to access all of your ad spots for the websites. It can be otherwise called as an organizing tool, which helps to place your ads on better spots that will enhance the visibility of your ads on the website.

 Campaign Management: As part of the marketing and advertising strategy you might be running campaigns or promo offers. These promotional activities are spread through the various ads placed in several different websites. With the campaign management tool from Adsor, you retrieve statistics related to each campaign. The details obtainable are the number of clicks and impressions on different campaigns, preview/edit/deletion of the campaign details and so forth.

 Campaign Editing: This is the area where you can depict how your campaign would run. You will be able to create campaign, edit details, set limits on how long the campaign should run, what type of content the ad should have and so on. It can be used as a campaign designing tool.

 Media / Sales Kit: This interface would list the potential advertisers. Websites are chosen for posting ads based on their traffic rate. The media/sales kit would rate the websites according to their traffic rate thereby showing off the potential ones.
In short, Adsor ad management system helps you create, manage and rotate ads in custom and spots hosted by Adsor. It helps to retrieve statistical data regarding the impressions delivered and potential websites. Well monitors your ad status, so that you can ensure how your product is promoted. Ad management is made easier and pretty transparent for you by this system.

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