10 Features That Your Ecommerce Sites Must Have

Ecommerce websites has become the hottest business spot. Organizations offering service or products are very much enthusiastic about making their presence online. Advantages of ecommerce is numerous , like there is a global visibility for the business , widening of business irrespective of the locations, helps vendors find more hot spots for sale, consumers are benefited by the availability of goods from various locations at reasonable prices, and their choice is made easier by the feature descriptions of the service or product in trade.

As the demand for ecommerce websites increased, custom scripts or online ecommerce website builders were made available. Such online store builders help in creating and designing online stores of your imagination with all the necessary amenities. There are certain essential features which any ecommerce website should possess. The ease of use, managing multiple product stores and customers, offer security of transactions and having a powerful admin phase are few of the imperative features of an eCommerce website.

The eCommerce website builders provide customizable websites, which can include unlimited number of products, numerous categories and subcategories, broader product or service descriptions and so forth. It’s a complex calculation which runs behind any e-commerce site. But the customers would prefer a simple to manage, but powerful enough administration area which can be easily created using an online store builder application.

Navigating through the different product categories and subcategories with ease is another important feature. Easier the navigation is more customer preferred would be the site. Most e-commerce websites offers a vertical navigation menu which can include more number of categories and links. Some also provide a footer based navigation system, in which the bottom of the front page will have a comprehensive list of the product categories. The online store builders can be tailored to bring in navigation system as per the user requirement.

Shopping cart builder eCommerce software is yet another indispensable component feature of an eCommerce website. This feature is very much complex as it provides details to the customer about the products which they wish to purchase and express it in a tabular format. It helps the customer to get a summary of his shopping and do a comparison of different products before making the check out. The shopping cart system usually includes tabs for product name, short description, price, quantity and the final cost.

A sitemap can be created using the online site builders which enhances the quality of the website in terms of user friendliness. The sitemap offers easy access to a specific content on the website for a new visitor; also it helps in search engine optimization as well.

An online site builder solution offers a professional web designing which enhances the level of customer friendliness. Integration of the store with the social media websites is the hottest advancement in ecommerce. It increases the product or service visibility and the feedback from these social media sites is more effective than running a customer satisfaction survey on your own website. The number like in Facebook and number of followers in Twitter is counted as product recognition in the ecommerce world.

Security of transactions via the website is one of the main concerns of the consumers and the vendors. Using an online store builder, the ecommerce website can be created adhering to all security standards and measures against identity theft and other online scams can be taken care of.

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