The best way to create an online shopping Cart

Shopping cart can be defined as software that performs as an online shopping gallery. Moreover it is an interface between a company’s website and its infrastructure. It is the best technique for expanding your business. While creating an online shopping cart you should keep in mind to choose a cart that delivers the required functionality and that is affordable. Choose a cart that can be easily understood and that works well with the proposed web server.

Follow the instructions below to create an online shopping cart:
1. First step is to register a domain name that is easy to remember and so it should be short, ideally a dot com or dot that is easily recognizable. If no domain name is available, search for keywords associated with your business.
2. Search on all the available shopping cart companies or software. Opt for an online cart source or companies like Ecommerce, Paypal, if this is the first time you are providing online sales. Purchase a shopping cart and host it yourself, if you have high online sales. Here you have more control as you have the option of customizing your website.
3. Choose an online shopping cart that is apt for you company. Depending on the shopping cart options, price may vary. Go in for a cart with basic options if it’s a new website.
4. Create an account for a shopping cart. For the service to deposit online transactions, you should fill in your company’s information including banking information. In case you forget your password, store it in a secure place.
5. Set up your cart and enter the details of the item including the prices into the appropriate form on the cart’s website. If you have a number of products then it is better to create an Excel sheet to list your products. Some carts have the option of changing the layout and background. Also you should include necessary details like product name, product image, product size, price, tax, shipping fee etc.
6. Integrating the online shopping cart with more number of payment processors makes online transactions easier.
7. Once the online store is built and the products are added, its functionality should be tested. Check if any errors occur and correct it.
8. No sales will be generated in this online store unless you add traffic to it. To add traffic, quality content should be added to it, perform search engine optimization, social book marking, article marketing, etc.
9. Shopping cart should be added to your website by either copy pasting the button information or by adding a hyperlink that connects the cart to your site.
10. Choose a web hosting server that gives you enough bandwidth and disk space to host your website using any of the ecommerce store builder. Make sure you get 24 hours customer support.
11. The website should be uploaded to the server and wait till the sales come in.
12. Statistics of your site should be monitored to know the number of site visitors you receive daily. This will let you know the performance of your online marketing store and most of the  online store builder offers in built tools to do this.

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