Things to consider while setting up an online hotel reservation system?

Most hotels and  hospitals are taking advantage of the internet community to transfer their reservation through online platforms. Most of  the reservations done by  successful hotels and travel companies are through online. Online reservations are easy and cost effective for the client as well as the institution itself. With an online reservation system, clients can do their booking from any part  of the world at very low cost. If you are a hotel owner and you have not been taken advantage of this, here you can check out  how online hotel reservation system can be set up.

Choose the right reservation script

This is the first and major requirement as it is not possible without having a hotel reservation system without a script. There are many scripts available; some are free and some are paid. As usually, most free things are not very reliable so you will need to invest some money in acquiring a reservation script. There are lot of  factors that should to be noticed while choosing a script: price, user friendliness, adaptability, compatibility and availability of after sales support. When this is done, then about half the work is complete.

Identify the resources for your set up

You should know the resources that will support your reservation system. The first of these is the hotel’s website. Most people looking for accommodation will visit the hotel website to see what your hotel has to offer. Setting up a reservation system on your website is enough to lure a potential client to book a room. That may necessitate a few changes in the website to easily accept the system.

Another thing to do is to have the system in place on the websites of partner businesses such as travel agencies and airlines. This makes the entire travel arrangement easy for the client as it becomes a kind of one stop transaction.

Provide the necessary information

There is the need to provide a form to help clients provide all the information needed for the reservation. In addition, you must provide information about the rooms and facilities available in the hotel as well as the prices of rooms and other services you render at the hotel. If there are special promotions and discounts, information about these should be provided.

All cost related to making the reservation should be clear right from the start. In addition, you will need to provide contact information including emails, phone and fax, as well as names of persons to contact for further information and clarification.


In order to assure the client of a value for money service, you have to provide pictures of some of the major facilities in your hotel. Pictures of the rooms, dining area, pool side, bar etc should be posted alongside the reservation system. What is most important is to present the best you have to offer in order to convince the client to decide on your hotel. You don’t have to provide pictures of the entire hotel.

It is important that your booking software should be user friendly and easy to maintain.  Complex reservation systems will put the clients off .Also make sure that your hotel reservation software is error free.

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