Which Free URL redirection is the best?

Everyone has heard of urls containing .tk and vze.com, but which one is really the best? These services are ussually manditory for young webmasters in need of an easy URL for there newest website. And ussually needed to cut down on long, hard, and confusing domain names.

Dot tk is alot shorter and boasts to be the only free domain register on the net. But what is so bad about having vze or cjb at the end of your URL? Lets evaluate the Free URL redirection services.

Allows more than one domain name registration
Easy and short domain name
Ambassador positions
Online Store
Very proffesinal
Requires a popup ad

Subdomain name
Smooth and crisp
Choice of different subdomains
Must put there banner on your site

MAil – 100 different accounts
Free Chat room
Free message board
RealTracker statistics
Includes a Free banner exchange

It looks as .cjb.net is the best provider because of all of the extra features. But are these extras worth the more confusing domain name? Vze.com seems okay, but you have to put there banner on your site. Dot.tk seems a head of the competetion, being 4 digits shorter than the others and the option of becoming a .tk ambassador which you can win free stuff.

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