How to Find the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool?

Social media is perhaps a burning trend in modern-day IT as well as the business scenarios. It is the best place to promote your brand as it brings about opinions, feedbacks and suggestions from folks coming from almost all walks of life and from all sorts of places. Social Media Analytics is a growing field of interest among brands worldwide as it provides them with detailed insights on how well your brand is performing in core competency areas. The only thing you need to make decisions based on these analyses is a social media monitoring tool that would supply you with the necessary information pertaining to the online social existence of your business. You can get an idea of how user sentiments are working for your brand, how people feel you should reach them and several other valuable insights. But you need to lay hands on the correct social media monitoring tool if you are to reap its benefits. Here are some tips in order to find the right monitoring tool for your business’s social community existence.
Focus on your key markets:
If your business is operating only from a single market or two, then it is wise to choose a social media monitoring tool that precisely monitors location-based social posts and activity because you stand to minimize the risk of unwanted activity notification if the tool works in general.
Sentiment analysis and reconfiguration:
You need to choose a tool that allows people in your social media analytics department to monitor specific comments or negative user sentiments and respond to them immediately via the tool’s interface by either communicating with users or removing the post that created the adverse sentiment.
Multi-brand tracking:
If your business has multiple areas of operation under different brand names, then you need to ensure that the social monitoring tool you choose has the ability to scale up its search and analysis engine to meet the extra requirement of multi-brand sentiment tracking and reporting.
Historical tracking:
If you want insights from a previous business operation quarter as well, then you need to choose a tool that has the capability to plough into social media activity in the past to dig out the posts that pertain to your brand or business.

Reporting tools:
Just plain statements will not be useful for taking managerial decisions based on social media analytics. What you need are detailed reports which include infographics like charts, graphs, statistical tables, etc. Make sure that your monitoring tool has it.
Budget constraints:
If you are planning on having a free tool, then you are in for a wrong choice because social media is, in fact, your most valuable market proposition and being stingy on that front will do you more harm than you can imagine. So it is advisable to go in for a premium tool for monitoring social media activities effectively.
So now that you have understood what that should be taken care off while selecting a social media monitoring tool, you can go ahead and invest in this very important business tool.

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